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Tuberous breast


Young women suffer both physically and psychologically from breast malformation: we will talk about tuberous breasts.

Tuberous breasts are characterized by:

  • A cylindrical shape of the breasts (shaped like tubes)
  • A reduced breast implant base.
  • A problem in the placement of the breast fold.
  • A reduced skin envelope.
  • An overdimension of the breast areolar plaque facing the entire breast. The breasts will then be directed downwards.
  • Breast asymmetry in 75% of cases. One breast may be more tuberous than the other.
  • Possible presence of stretch marks.

We are situated between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery , moreover the care varies according to the case. There are 3 stages of tuberous breasts:

  • In the 1st case , we find a deficient inner inferior segment. In addition, the breasts may be hypotrophic (too small), hypertrophic (too large), or of normal size. In this case, we perform a mammary plastic surgery resulting in a scar from a vertical (or T) incision. It is the same as that used in almost all mammary plasties (breast lift or breast reduction).
  • In the 2nd case , the 2 lower segments (internal and external) are deficient causing one half of the lower breast missing. This is due to a single breast development in the upper part of the breast. We also perform a mammary surgery for this case. In addition, a breast implant placement is performed in the areolar area. A vertical (or I-shaped) incision scar may be present.
  • In the 3rd case , all segments (lower and upper) are deficient. This causes a narrowed breast base and a “tube” breast growth. Often this is linked to hypotrophic breasts. We use a glandular plasty as well as a breast prosthesis. The scars are identical to those in the 2nd case.

Before the operation:

-1 to 2 consultations are to be expected with the surgeon as well as a consultation with an anesthetist. During these consultations we will send you a quote with the total price (fees ..).

- Medical photographs are taken.

- If there is a risk of breast cancer or an age over 35, a mammogram is performed.

-A medical bra is transmitted.

- Stockings preventing phlebitis are also transmitted.

-A work stoppage of 10 days is carried out.

Importantly, you should stop smoking 15 days before the operation to help the body heal better. The contraceptive pill should also be stopped to avoid the risk of phlebitis. Finally, to reduce the risk of bleeding, you must stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs.

The operation:

It lasts between 1 and 2 hours, and performed under general anesthesia. You will be hospitalized for 24 hours in our clinic.