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Thigh Lift Surgery (Thighplasty)

Legs from hell with our thigh lift!

The thigh lift - also called cruroplasty, crural lift, or crural dermolipectomy - has benefited from many medical advances, offering very good results with a faster return to normal life.

The thigh lift? Yes, but for whom?

Thigh lift is used for women with damaged skin that prevents them from having silky thighs through simple liposuction. These thighs are often unsightly, stretched, flabby, sagging. It aims to remedy excess skin linked to sagging skin (we speak of cutaneous ptosis), which may, depending on the case, be more or less associated with excess fatty (lipomeria).

There are several causes : The natural aging of the skin, hereditary factors, significant weight variations, massive weight loss that may follow bariatric surgery (obesity surgery), pregnancies ...

The patient may also have difficulty walking if her thighs rub against each other causing irritation and maceration. If the patient has a morphology causing tightening of the thighs, the friction is even more important and bothersome.

Here are some things to take into account before this operation:


  • Apart from a general contraindication (such as contraindications for anesthesia), highlighted risks of embolism and phlebitis constitute a relative contraindication, requiring great caution and additional examinations. Whatever the case, an anticoagulant treatment will be systematically prescribed.
  • It is imperative that the patient has reached a weight close to her healthy weight before planning the procedure.
  • A loco-regional infection is a contraindication to thigh lift, as long as it is not healed, in order to avoid any risk of infection following the operation.

In order to obtain additional information according to your case, please inquire at our website.

Now let's look at the operation:

  • Before the operation

One or two pre-operative consultations are necessary: ​​every detail of the intervention is explained to you. An estimate is submitted during these consultations. An appointment with the anesthesiologist is also scheduled, and this at least 48 hours before the thigh lift operation.

  • Progress of the operation

The thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of hospitalization is 1 to 2 days depending on the extent of the facelift performed. The duration of the operation is between one to two hours depending on the surgical procedures to be performed, and the techniques used by our cosmetic surgeon.

There are thus 3 techniques:

  • The technique with vertical incision

It is performed when the patient has significant excess skin. The incision is along the inner side of the thigh from top to bottom. Its length will depend on the amount of skin to be removed.

  • The technique with horizontal incision

It is performed when the excess skin is moderate and localized to the upper part of the thighs. It is the technique that leaves the most discreet scars because of its location in the natural folds of the silhouette. The incision can be camouflaged in the fold of the groin up to the gluteal fold, passing through the groove of the upper thighs (genito-crural or inguinal fold). The skin is lifted upwards and inwards. The excess skin is removed. Once the skin is stretched, the area is closed in the natural folds of the upper thigh.

  • The mixed technique (combining the 2 techniques previously described)

Once the incision is made, after starting with a possible liposuction, the practitioner removes excess skin. The redraped skin is suspended by deep sutures so as to anticipate future skin sagging, to prevent the scar from coming down again and thus ensure harmonious durability. The inner side of the thighs thus regains an aesthetic tension. When leaving the operating room, the patient will wear compression panties or sticky elastic bands as appropriate.

  • After the operation:

The pain is usually mild and similar to stiffness. Fatigue is often present from a few days to a week depending in particular on the amount of fat that has been liposuction. Taking simple analgesics can, if necessary, prevent them or reduce pain.

Our surgeon will bring you all his experience to help you have an optimal result. He will give you the best possible advice to help you get well quickly.

The results

The results of a thigh lift are immediate, despite the temporary edema. The results of this cosmetic operation are generally excellent if the indications are correctly set (respect for contraindications, absence of overweight). The patient can appreciate the final result approximately 5 to 6 months after the operation, the time for complete absorption of the edema, stabilization of the tissues and successful healing. The skin regains a balanced tension, the thighs are lifted, the silhouette is drawn. As for scarring, it can be assessed 10 to 12 months after the operation, the date of scar maturity (complete healing of scars).


With the help of our surgeon and our competent and experienced medical team, you will have an optimal result due to total care before, during and after the operation. To have additional information about our surgeon or our prices consult our website.