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Thigh and Arm Lift


The arm lift removes excess skin on the inside of the arms. This facelift helps to firm and tone the entire upper arm.

1. Indicators of brachioplasty (Arm lift)

In extreme cases, in addition to the obvious unsightly appearance, the distended skin causes difficulty in dressing, moving, etc. It appears around the age of 40 because the skin tends to sag and crumble. This sagging becomes more pronounced after significant weight loss. The role of brachioplasty is to correct this sagging.

The first motivation for this operation is the aesthetic complex. This sagging prevents people from baring their arm. It is therefore in the best interest of the person thinking of a brachioplasty to perform it when the skin is slightly relaxed, so that the scars are as discreet as possible and that the aesthetic benefit is certain.

On the other hand, people who wish to remedy a large excess of skin should be aware that there will be a scar visible all the way down the arm to the elbow, even if it is very thin.

2. The course of the intervention

The arm lift is performed under general anesthesia with overnight hospitalization and lasts approximately two hours.

The intervention takes place in two stages:

a. Suction of fat

All the excess fat around the circumference of the arm is sucked out. Only the excess skin that has not retracted from the liposuction of the arms is then removed.

b. Removal of excess skin

There are three incision techniques depending on the amount of sagging skin.

  • Moderate excess skin : There is a horizontal scar concealed in the crease of the armpit.
  • Medium excess skin : There is a T-scar, both horizontal in the armpit crease and vertical just a few inches down the arm.
  • Large excess skin : There is a vertical scar along the inner side of the arm which in some cases can even extend beyond the elbow.

At the end of the operation, the surgeon sutures and then places a bandage.

3. The aftermath of the operation

The pain is not very important following an arm lift. They are limited for the first few days to feelings of tightness and throbbing. Bruises and edema usually go away after two to three weeks. The rest will be provided through our surgeon who will take care of your postoperative progress.

The results of this surgery are visible directly and are final after 3 months.

The aesthetic appearance is significantly improved. There is no longer that particularly unpleasant feeling of sloshing of the skin.

The healing process, on the other hand, lasts a minimum of a year before coming to an end.

The price of the arm lift:

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The arm lift is a routine operation performed in our hospital. Our surgeon provides excellent post-operative follow-up, which will help you achieve optimal results.