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Penoplasty Hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic acid penoplasty allows for penile enlargement as well as penile enlargement without surgery.

We have highlighted the 10 most relevant questions regarding penoplasty with hyaluronic acid:

1. Can you increase penis size without surgery?

Hyaluronic acid penoplasty is a technique that increases penile girth without surgery. The medical peniplasty, performed by our specialist surgeon in penoplasty will increase the penile diameter. Medical secrecy and confidentiality of information are obviously absolute in matters of intimate surgery and penile surgery . This medical secrecy applies and is our main rule in our aesthetic center in Geneva, we will be at your disposal for all your questions.

2. How can you increase the penis with hyaluronic acid? What are the advantages?

Medical penoplasty by injection of hyaluronic acid into the penis has developed a lot in recent years. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and gives elasticity to the skin. It is a filler and a volumizing product. Injected into the penis, hyaluronic acid will instantly increase the penile diameter. The hyaluronic acid penoplasty performed by Dr. Elie-Hassan in intimate surgery is very reliable. Peniplasty with hyaluronic acid also allows, to a lesser extent, a discreet lengthening of the penis at rest.

3. How many cm can we increase the size of the penis with this penoplasty?

This penoplasty allows a gain of between 1 and 4 cm in circumference. Naturally, depending on the desired gain, the amount of hyaluronic acid injected will vary. Often, this penoplasty begins with a first session of injecting the penis with an amount allowing a discreet and natural gain. Complementary hyaluronic acid injection sessions can be performed according to the patient's wishes. The gain obtained by this hyaluronic acid penoplasty is thus "tailor-made", depending on the patient.

4. Does this increase in the penis improve my sexual performance?

The quality and duration of an erection varies depending on many factors, some of which are psychological and others physical. You cannot reduce the quality of intercourse to a penile girth. But being complexed by the size of the penis can be a psychological blocking factor inhibiting erection. Penile augmentation with hyaluronic acid injection helps improve a man's self-esteem, but does not by itself improve an erection. One of the criteria to check before after penoplasty with hyaluronic acid is the sexual satisfaction by the injection of the penis.

5. Is Hyaluronic Acid Penoplasty Painful?

It is not very painful, moreover it is carried out under local anesthesia. Simple analgesics will be necessary in case of pain.

6. How long is a penoplasty session?

Depending on the amount to be injected, the penoplasty lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

7. Is there a scar or incision visible?

No, there are no scars or incisions. Hyaluronic acid penoplasty is performed using a fine cannula that leaves no traces.

8. How long should we wait before having sex again?

We recommend that you wait between 48 to 72 hours before having sex again, as the edema subsides.

9. After how long can I see the effects of this penoplasty? How long does it last?

The effects are visible immediately, and they will last between 8 to 12 months depending on your body.

10. What is its price?

We invite you to visit our price range.


Hyaluronic acid penoplasty offers you very good results over a period of 8 to 12 months. In addition, it is very painless and no scar will be visible.