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Penoplasty: The operation that enlarges the penis

What man has never dreamed of having a penis worthy of the greatest pornographic films in order to satisfy all the women he wants? With penoplasty this desire can come true.

We have collected the 10 most relevant questions about this operation:

a. What is the normal size of a penis? Are men complexed due to the size of their sex?

We cannot speak of normal penis size, but rather usual size. In erection, the average penis size is 14/15 cm , and the peak frequency is between 13 and 18 cm. At rest, the size is very variable. The diameter and size of the penis can change a lot between flaccid (at rest) and erection. Many men are embarrassed by the size of their penises (locker room syndrome), but few are able to express their embarrassment. Several tens of thousands of research regarding penis size and enlargement are reportedly done on the internet every month. For any intimate surgery, it is important to be able to talk with confidence and serenity about this discomfort with a specialist. Our surgeon, Dr Elie-Hassan, supports you in your process before, during and after the operation in our aesthetic center in Geneva. He will keep medical confidentiality concerning your case, and will do everything to guarantee you an optimal result.

2 . How to enlarge the penis by penoplasty? What does penile surgery bring?

Currently the most reliable penoplasty technique to enlarge the penis is to inject the patient's own fat (lipofilling). It is a reliable and safe technique . However, injections of silicone directly into the penis (performed in some countries in South America) can cause serious complications. Lipofilling can be combined at the same time with liposuction , at the location where the fat is collected (belly or pubis, for example), if the patient so wishes. Penis enlargement is done from the patient's own fat. Penoplasty also allows the lengthening of the penis

3. Can I lengthen my penis during penoplasty surgery? How many cm can I lengthen it?

Lengthening penoplasty can be performed by sectioning the suspensory ligament of the penis. This penile operation can be performed during the same procedure as a lipofilling. The lengthening obtained by penile surgery can be 2 to 4 cm depending on the patient and the healing. This penis lengthening is far from negligible.

4. Can I improve my sexual performance with this operation? How satisfied will I be after this operation?

The quality and duration of an erection varies depending on many factors, some of which are psychological and others physical. You cannot reduce the quality of intercourse to a diameter of the penis . But being complexed by penis size can be a psychological blocking factor that inhibits erection . The penis is an important factor in determining self-esteem in a man. It is also a sign of power during sex, the fact of making it larger can satisfy the man's desires to feel more domineering than before. However, this operation does not increase the size of the penis during erection.

5. Is it painful?

Penoplasty is a little painful procedure in general. Appropriate analgesics are prescribed. The penile surgery is performed under general anesthesia and you feel nothing during the procedure.

6. How long do I have to stay at the clinic for the Penoplasty?

This operation is outpatient , or in some cases you can sleep overnight.

7. Are there any scars?

There is no scar for penis lipofilling except for micro-incisions to introduce the 1mm cannula . The penile operation for pure penile augmentation therefore leaves very little scarring

8. How long should I wait before having sex?

It is recommended to wait a month after lipofilling before having sex, so as not to traumatize the fat graft.

9. Should I have multiple sessions for a penoplasty?

No. The transplant can take completely or partially. There is frequently a part of fat absorption. However, in three quarters of cases, a single operation is sufficient for a lifetime result.

10. What is the cost of a penoplasty?

We let you observe our price range.


A penoplasty can help you gain the self-confidence you need to live your life to the fullest. Especially since our surgeon will follow you from start to finish during this operation while keeping medical confidentiality.