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Natural Breast Augmentation Geneva

A natural breast augmentation in Geneva? It is possible!

Through this technique, women can increase their breast volume quite naturally.

Creams for natural breast augmentation Geneva

It is thus possible to bring out the beauty of her breast while avoiding implants as well as breast surgery.

This is possible thanks to a cream to enlarge the breast, although this product can be of chemical origin but it is a very good substitute for prostheses and implants.

There are also many dietary supplements, as well as cosmetic products such as creams and serums to boost size and elasticity. The dietary supplements are with the creams allowing much more effectiveness and thus obtaining the desired size.

These creams should be applied by simple friction on the skin on the chest.

The massage all over the neckline will allow all the products to penetrate optimally. This part of the chest is very thin and therefore very fragile.

These products will not only hydrate the skin, but also restore all of its youthfulness and therefore its suppleness and firmness. This allows you to find a beautiful curve and a harmony of curves.

Geneva natural breast augmentation exists without chemicals!

This takes place through specific physical exercises, they are intended to strengthen the pectoral muscles, shoulder muscles and back. All these muscles will allow you to better support your breasts.

You have to have a normal weight to hope to have nice breasts. All the exercises can be done in order to regain all the beauty of your chest.

Breast augmentation is possible without surgery!

While implants are a quick and effective way to have a beautiful breast, nothing will be more natural than having your own breasts without any implants.

Let us not forget that nature has made breasts to be of a size proportional to the rest of the body of each person. Natural techniques can help you regain the port of the breasts.

This program must include massages with creams or serums designed with substances from nature such as fennel, fenugreek…

Once again, food supplements help you give the skin all the nutrients it needs to regain its health and regain its youth.

Physical exercises should be done as a supplement.

Natural breast augmentation by fat injection:

Geneva natural breast augmentation is performed by breast lipofilling in our aesthetic center in Geneva by Dr Hassan.

Breast lipofilling involves the reinjection of the own fat into the breasts in order to increase breast volume. This breast augmentation is characterized as natural because there are no implants or prostheses.

Dr Elie-Hassan specializes in this natural breast augmentation surgery in Geneva, which allows very good results to be obtained!

Geneva natural breast augmentation has advantages but also disadvantages


  • Body fat is a supple and natural filler
  • Low probability of rejection
  • Natural result
  • Virtually invisible scar
  • No foreign body or prosthesis
  • Liposuction and breast augmentation are possible in just one treatment


  • Only one volume increase possible
  • Increase of only 1 to 1.5 cup size
  • Several treatments are sometimes necessary

We can see that the advantages are more numerous and more relevant than the disadvantages, which makes this technique very interesting and essential in Geneva breast augmentation.

Who can benefit from natural breast augmentation with lipofilling?

Firstly, small breasts wanting a moderate increase while maintaining a natural result. Above all, you should prefer a natural filling rather than an artificial one.

This technique is also perfect for correcting r breast asymmetry in order to restore balance.

A woman performing lipofilling must have very elastic skin in order to support the increase in breast volume.

You must have a minimum amount of fat e to be collected in order to be reinjected into the breasts.

The results:

They are permanent, despite waiting a few weeks for blood vessels to reenter the chest. Expect the initial volume to drop a bit.

Geneva natural breast augmentation treatment

The treatment can be carried out under local anesthesia or possibly by narcosis. This limits the physical impact on the body and you hardly feel any backlash from the operation. Both the sample area and the chest are treated with an anesthetic fluid to fight bleeding.

Fat tissue is taken from a place where it is surplus. They are purified of their blood and their water. The dead cells are carefully removed, so that only the living cells are kept intact. These cells are then injected into your breast tissue.

Postoperative care after breast lipofilling Geneva

Sometimes the treated area suffers from swelling or bruising. Ice cubes or an ice pack can alleviate the symptoms, which will decrease a few days after the operation anyway.

As a rule, this treatment causes no or very few complications thanks to the experience of Dr Elie-Hassan.

Conclusion of the subject: Natural breast augmentation Geneva

Breast lipofilling is a must in natural breast augmentation Geneva, Dr. Elie-Hassan is a specialist who provides you with high quality postoperative follow-up.