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Mole Removal Surgery

Remove your moles with excision!

Surgical removal of a nevus is the logical extension of the activity of screening and diagnosing skin lesions at risk of cancer.

We have put together 10 relevant questions and answers on mole surgery.

1. When to do mole surgery?

A mole, for example from the face, can be removed for two reasons. Mole surgery therefore intervenes:

  • if it is unsightly
  • or if it is suspicious

2. What is a mole (nevus)?

A mole is a nevus, which is a group of cells called melanocytes that give it its pigmentation. It may need to be removed for analysis.

3. How to remove moles?

We can remove them with local anesthesia. The mole surgery takes about 30 minutes. Our surgeon, Dr Elie-Hassan, specialist in cosmetic surgery, can perform this intervention, in order to do it in the most aesthetic way possible.

4. Can I remove a mole from my face?

Facial mole surgery can also be performed in two cases:

  • if it is an unsightly facial mole
  • or if the mole of the suspicious face

5. What is melanoma of the face?

Melanoma of the face is cancer of the skin. In this case, surgery is imperative . In this case, the care involves different medical specialties, our surgeon masters these different techniques thanks to his experience without fault.

6. Does this surgery leave traces?

Surgery on the mole, especially the face, should be done in such a way as to leave minimal traces. Dr Elie-Hassan is trained in very fine sutures and always takes into consideration the aesthetic dimension of mole surgery. By optimizing the suturing technique and the choice of thread, we can achieve a very aesthetic result for mole surgery.

7. What are the treatments after mole surgery?

After mole surgery, you must:

  • protect the scar from the sun (full screen the first year)
  • massage the scar as soon as the cosmetic surgeon in Paris authorizes you to do so

8. Should a flap be done for mole surgery?

In some cases, a flap may be needed to aesthetically remove a mole. Surgery for a large facial mole can in particular call for this type of technique to have minimal traces.

9. Are there any risks associated with mole surgery?

Facial mole surgery is standard and safe. Carried out by a surgeon qualified in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, the aesthetic dimension of this procedure will of course be taken into account . As any surgery, complications are rare but possible, they are detailed in the information sheet of the French Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. Dr Elie-Hassan himself provides post-operative follow-up for his patients in order to provide them with optimal results in terms of aesthetics.

10. What is the cost of this surgery?

We invite you to consult our price range.

Conclusion on mole surgery

Mole surgery is not taken lightly in our beauty center in Geneva, our surgeon takes into account the risk of skin cancer and will do studies on your mole. In addition, it will provide you with flawless postoperative follow-up to provide you with optimal results and without visible scars.