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Some women must be virgins before marriage, or some have gone through very difficult times such as rape. Thanks to hymenoplasty you can forget these moments and start from scratch.

The hymen is the membrane that separates the vagina from the vulva and ruptures during the first sexual intercourse. The hymen is more or less elastic depending on the woman. Some are born without a hymen, in others it is ruptured by riding, cycling, exercising, or even inserting a tampon. Conversely, some women give birth with a hymen that is still almost intact. The hymen is therefore a very fragile proof of female virginity. This can be dangerous in cultures where virginity is the focal point of marriage. Thanks to our surgeon you can approach this moment with joy, because no one will know anything about this operation thanks to medical confidentiality .

In addition, hymenoplasty is not always done in anticipation of marriage. Women may have to resort to rape after rape to erase the trauma and regain their bodily integrity. Other women also want hymen reconstruction as a way to turn the page once and for all after a relationship has ended.

1. The course of the hymenoplasty operation

It lasts about half an hour and is performed under local anesthesia.

Dr. Elie-Hassan uses the after-effects of the torn hymen by incising them in their middle part and bringing them together. If the hymen remains are insufficient, he takes a sample from the surrounding mucous membranes to rebuild a solid membrane. He then sutures with an absorbable thread which disappears after ten to fifteen days. The scar, hidden in the folds of the hymen, is completely invisible.

The patient feels very slight pain and can resume her work the next day. In order to allow good healing, she must avoid overly physical activities as well as the sauna or swimming pool for a month. Our surgeon will accompany you throughout the postoperative process to guarantee you optimal results.

2. The results of hymenoplasty

The result of hymenoplasty is immediate and lasts until the next intercourse. It is undetectable even in the event of a pre-wedding gynecological examination.

When the hymen ruptures, blood loss is not systematic. However, even in the absence of bleeding, the man will feel resistance upon penetration. To increase the likelihood of bleeding before marriage, some women do not hesitate to have an operation a week before the wedding, so that the unhealed wound causes bleeding on the sheets.

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