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Hyaluronic acid geneva

Geneva hyaluronic acid: the aesthetic miracle molecule?

Hyaluronic acid injection is the ideal technique when it comes to moisturizing the skin, filling wrinkles, restoring volume or sculpt shapes.

Several factors influence the duration of results and the volumizing effect.

  • The degree of elasticity and viscosity

To increase the elasticity and viscosity of the gel, the HA molecules are linked together by a crosslinking agent, most often BDDE (1,4 butanediol diglycidyl ether ). The higher the degree of crosslinking, the longer the effect will be between six to fifteen months depending on the case. So that the effect does not disappear completely, it is advisable to repeat an injection after nine to twelve months. This usually allows you to reinject less than the first time since there is still a small amount.

  • Particle size:

The calibration of the size of the particles makes it possible to modify the dispersibility of the product in the different layers of the skin. The larger the particle size, the greater the volumizing effect is obtained.

Hyaluronic acid is very fluid and is easily applied. The injection easily distributes the product in one go into the treated area. Thanks to its supple texture which makes it very malleable, our surgeon can massage the HA to put it in place without this being painful for the patient.

Injection of hyaluronic acid into the face

Injecting geneva hyaluronic acid into the face is the # 1 anti-aging treatment in aesthetics.

We can find:

  • Filling in wrinkles: Hollow and static wrinkles (nasolabial folds, bitterness folds, wrinkles around the mouth, etc.) give looking sad or tired. A wrinkle can be treated in isolation when it is a small, inconspicuous defect. But, from your forties, treating the wrinkle alone is not the best solution because the filling will make the fat loss more visible, which causes sagging skin.
  • Restore volume: Over time, the skin undergoes alterations linked to changes in the bone mass and skin texture which decreases in volume and creates sagging skin. An isolated defect can be treated and, for example, an injection of hyaluronic acid for dark circles, but more often the whole face is rejuvenated with a facelift without surgery.
  • Correct imperfections of the nose and chin: Medical rhinoplasty can improve small blemishes without a scalpel.
  • Fade a bump:
    • Improve the tip of the nose.
    • Fill the hollow between the nose and the forehead.
    • Resume surgical rhinoplasty

For minor chin corrections, an HA injection is sufficient for:

  • Correct a slightly receding chin
    • Fill a chin fold.
  • Plump lips: Hyaluronic acid lip injection helps:
  • Redraw the outline of the mouth to enhance the definition and the line of the lips
    • Redefine the area of ​​the philtrum (Cupid's bow).
    • Increase lip volume for better symmetry.
    • Moisturize lips.
    • Give a boost: Injection of hyaluronic acid into the face also allows you to erase signs of fatigue. Indeed, from the age of thirty, the skin takes longer to recover. It is therefore necessary to give it an adapted treatment which will restore it and keep it all its vitality.
  • Prevent skin aging: Hyaluronic acid treats areas exposed to the sun and sensitive to ultraviolet rays such as the face, lips, skin. neck, décolleté and hands.

Action in young people:

  • Prevents skin aging.
    • Makes the skin more toned.
    • Delays the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Action in mature people:

  • Stimulates weakened skin.
    • Repair the damage of time.

Injection of hyaluronic acid into the body:

Except for the hands, injections of hyaluronic acid into the body are done under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis in a minor surgery unit. The consequences are slight swelling and bruising for a few days.

We can find:

    • Rejuvenation of the back of the hands : The skin of the hands is extremely thin and contains little sebaceous glands that promote hydration. Daily exposed to external aggressions such as the sun, cold, household products, hands become more fragile from the age of forty. They become dry and lose tone. Thanks to HA, the bones, veins and tendons on the backs of the hands become less visible.
  • Shaping the buttocks: Macrolane, a very volumizing HA created especially for the body, allows to:
  • Sculpt the curve of the hollow under the hip.
    • Round the buttocks flat.
  • Sculpting the calves: Calves that are too thin (rooster calves) are those with poorly developed muscles. There is then an imbalance between a rather well rounded thigh and a too thin leg. We then give relief to the calves to redraw the lower leg with Macrolane.
  • Reshape private parts:

In humans:

The doctor can do a penoplasty by injecting HA to increase the circumference of the penis by two to three centimeters which, visually, is almost double.

For women:

The G-spot is amplified to promote stimulation of this area during sexual intercourse and to facilitate vaginal pleasure.

  • Strengthen the foot pads: When women wear high heels, the “Foot Lift ”Absorbs the weight in the front of the foot and prevents wear on the foot pads.

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