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Face Lift


The face lift is a surgical operation with the aim of making your face younger while remaining natural.

Here is the presentation of the 10 relevant questions concerning this facelift:

1. What is a facelift?

There is not only one type of facelift, there are several facelifts of the face and neck, for example facelift, cervico-facial, frontal, temporal, eyebrow tail lift… In addition, each patient is different. , and there is a solution for each and every patient. The main purpose of the facelift is to re-drape the skin to reduce the sagging of the face that occurs over time. Finally, this face lift can be accompanied by a gesture on the eyelids (blepharoplasty).

2. How long does the facelift procedure take?

Everything will depend on the operation to be performed, we are between 1h30 and 3h.

3. How long is the stay at the clinic for a facelift, whether cervico-facial, frontal or temporal?

Regardless of the operation, we are usually on an outpatient operation or depending on the case you can stay overnight in the hospital.

4. Is facelift painful?

Rest assured, the facelift is a little painful operation. Usually simple analgesics are sufficient.

5. What is the anesthesia performed for a facelift, cervico-facial or frontal?

Depending on the operation, the anesthesia will be different, for this you will discuss with the surgeon and the anesthetist.

6. Is a facelift possible without surgery? How long does a facelift last? What are the effects?

Facelifting and aesthetic medicine injection techniques are complementary. Dr Elie-Hassan , practices hyaluronic acid and botox injections but despite all these injections can complete a facelift without ever replacing it. In addition, the effects of facelift are much longer lasting than those of injections. Without a huge variation in weight, the facelift will have effects that will last for years after the operation. This lifting will give a “healthy glow” effect with a rested and fresh air on the face. It’s a real refreshment that alleviates the marks of years gone by.

7. What are the scars for a facelift? What is a facelift without scars?

Facelift techniques have evolved into much more discreet scars. It will depend on the facelift that we will have to perform. A facelift without scars is a facelift that will not scar the neck.

8. What are the risks of a face lift?

Thanks to our experienced surgeon as well as our highly qualified care team, a facelift is a common and safe operation. Despite everything, there are complications, rare but possible. However, the complications leave little or no traces. Our surgeon performs a post-operative follow-up to guarantee you an optimal result.

9. The natural face lift?

Unlike the 70s and 80s, the goal was no longer to "pull" on the skin which gave a terrible result. We had a “frozen” aspect of the face. Today we are in gentler "soft-lifting" techniques where our main objective is to guarantee you a natural result. In addition, it is essential that the patient can "recognize" himself after the operation. Our aesthetic center exclusively uses these new soft-lifting practices.

10. What is the price of a facelift?

To answer this question, we invite you to go and consult our prices.

A facelift is a very common operation that allows you to bring your face back to life. It is very safe, moreover it gives very good results.