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Buttocks Lipofilling

Obtenez vos fesses de rêves pour être la plus séduisante !

Aujourd’hui nous savons l’importance des fesses dans l’apparence d’une femme, c’est pourquoi nous proposons un lipofilling des fessiers vous permettant d’obtenir des fesses de rêve.

1. Qu’est ce que le lipofilling des fessiers ?

Le lipofilling est une opération permettant d’augmenter le volume de vos fesses grâce à une injection de votre graisse. Cela représente beaucoup d’avantages, premièrement une liposuccion en retirant de la graisse à un endroit précis pour la réinjecter dans un autre endroit dont vous voulez augmenter le volume. Cette technique permet aussi de redessiner les contours de votre fesse afin de la rendre plus jolie.

2. What is its goal?

Buttock lipofilling has 3 objectives:

  1. Increase in the volume of the buttocks.
  2. Changing the shape of the buttocks to make them more attractive
  3. Tighten the relaxed buttock.

3. What are the benefits of buttock lipofilling?

This technique is much more advantageous than placing implants.

First, this technique will allow you to redraw the buttocks and the contours. We therefore have a more natural result of the buttock unlike prostheses which only fill the upper half of the buttock.

In addition, it is a little or no painful intervention that has a "two in one" effect, associating an enlargement of the buttocks with liposuction of a fatty part of your body. The scars are almost invisible, and finally you have no foreign body in your body.

If you absolutely want a prosthesis, we can place your fat in addition to redraw the contours of your buttock which are essential to its seduction.

4. The different shapes obtained with lipofilling

Our surgeon highlighted 4 main forms: forms A, C, H, V ..

  • Shape A : the most convex part is located at the bottom of the buttock. This shape is considered attractive.
  • The round, C-shaped buttock : It is very feminine. The distribution of fat around the buttock is homogeneous. It is a form of buttock frequently desired by patients.
  • H-shaped right buttock : This is the male form of the right buttock. Buttock lipofilling gives excellent results in women, as it may help to round the contours of the buttock.
  • V-shaped buttock : This is the least attractive buttock shape. It is the most difficult type of buttock to treat. Usually, you need to take as much fat as possible from the love handles and transfer it down. The difficulty is to manage to round this buttock to give it a C shape.

Our surgeon will certainly be able to reproduce the type of buttocks desired. But the result will depend on your initial morphology, we will discuss it through appointments made before the operation.

5. Who can do buttock lipofilling?

There are two categories of individuals:

  • Good candidates: Those who are in good health with a body mass index close to normal (weight of the limit of normal for their height.) Lean patients must have enough fat so that they after the treatment of fat, enough is left to create a significant result. Expectations must be realistic. Patients must accept that in some cases there is a significant absorption of fat which necessitates a second intervention.
  • Bad candidates : Patients who are too thin or obese. Overweight patients may not see a noticeable difference because the fat spreads in the buttock and cannot be pushed out despite large amounts of the fat that can be removed. Patients who consume tobacco, because it slows down the taking of fat grafts.

In order to have a perfect operation, you will discuss the places where the liposuction will take place as this is an essential point. Our goal is to remove fat without traumatizing it. The scars are almost invisible. They are multiple depending on the number of areas to be aspirated. They measure less than 4 mm. There are 2 scars on the buttocks per buttock on average. They correspond to the passage of the fat injection needle, it measures less than 1 mm, so invisible. Anesthesia is general, for an operation that lasts in 2h30 to 3h30 depending on the amount of fat removed and injected. We leave you 15 days of reflection between the 1st consultation and the buttocks lipofilling. This operation will keep you overnight in the hospital.

6. What is the result?

The result is frequently satisfactory. You see it after 3 to 4 months when the post-operative swelling has subsided, and the poorly vascularized fat cells have resorbed. On average, between 60 and 70% of the fat survives after buttock lipofilling, and remains stable. Generally 80% of the injected fat holds in favorable cases.

We see patients 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 years after the operation.

If your weight is stable, the result will be permanent.

For all other questions, our surgeon will explain everything you need to know during consultations. We leave you our price range.