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Breast Surgery Geneva

An essential point of our aesthetic center in Geneva!

Many women wish for a new breast because of many complexes, or a disease such as breast cancer. Our surgeon Dr Elie-Hassan offers many aesthetic disciplines.


Breast augmentation surgery involves the implantation of breast prostheses to increase the volume of your breasts. In addition, we have two types of breast implants which can be silicone or physiological serum (saline solution).

Breast reduction is an important procedure, but most women see it as a positive experience. This phenomenon causes these women pain in the shoulders, back and even psychological worries.

L’intervention après une chirurgie mammaire conservatrice est plus rare, mais vous pouvez quand même bénéficié d’une reconstruction mammaire. Cela est surtout dû à un résultat esthétique qui ne conviendrait pas à la patiente à cause d’une différence de volume/forme entre les 2 seins.

Our experts offer you breast augmentation, by injecting own fat into the breasts, this is the breast lipofilling process. Thanks to Lipofilling you can gain a cup size by means of a breast lipostructure (an injection of your fat into the breast).

Many women suffer from breast ptosis (falling breasts), this is due to a significant change in weight, a pregnancy. We know the importance of the breast in a woman, which is why we offer our services to resolve your breast ptosis.

Gynecomastia is defined as an enlarged chest in men. This increase in the volume of the mammary gland corresponds to unilateral or bilateral hyperplasia, gynecomastia being able to present itself symmetrically or not.


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