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Breast reconstruction


Indeed, breast reconstruction is an integral part of breast cancer care. Some women have breast reconstruction after non-conservative breast surgery (or mastectomy).

Surgery after breast-conserving surgery is much rarer, but you can still have breast reconstruction. This is mainly due to an aesthetic result that would not suit the patient because of a difference in volume or shape between the 2 breasts. The treated breast can sometimes be deformed, this is due to the risks of cosmetic surgery which are unfortunately never zero.

Breast reconstruction is 100% covered in the context of ALD (long-term condition) on the basis of the Health Insurance rate.

Geneve breast reconstruction

We found examples of motivations in women performing breast reconstruction:

  • The desire to make up for the loss of the breast, sometimes experienced as a mutilation;
  • The wish to avoid having to wear an external breast prosthesis;
  • A desire to feel desirable and to be comfortable in your body;
  • The desire to forget the suffering of breast cancer;
  • The pleasure of wearing beautiful underwear, or having a beautiful wardrobe.

Despite everything, some women decide not to have their breasts reconstructed, this choice is quite simply personal.

Two types of breast reconstruction

Reconstruction can be done in 2 different ways:

  • Immediately , this means that the breast reconstruction is done at the same time as the cancer surgery.
  • Deferred , this time it will be performed at the end of the treatments, through a new intervention. However, if an X-ray is performed in addition to breast cancer surgery, reconstruction will necessarily be postponed.

Advantages / Constraints of the two types of breast reconstruction

In other cases, you can choose the time of the reconstruction which seems most suitable to you. It is therefore important to take the necessary time to reflect, discuss with the healthcare team, ask all the questions that concern you and make your decision based on the respective advantages and disadvantages of the two solutions.

  • Immediate reconstruction has the advantage of avoiding a second operation, plus it avoids the stress of being without a breast. However, the surgeon must have the double competence (oncologist and plastic surgery).
  • Delayed reconstruction allows the patient to focus entirely on her treatment so that she has time to consider possible surgery for plastic surgery. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to accept the loss of a breast which can be important in acquiring a "new breast". The patient will also have the opportunity to fully plan the course of her operation through discussions with the surgeon. The only drawback is having to undergo another operation, as well as having to live with only one breast and therefore with an external prosthesis.

Geneve breast reconstruction methods

You have two main methods of breast reconstruction, sometimes combined: placing a breast implant (internal prosthesis) and using tissue from other parts of the body (flap reconstruction). You can discuss these reconstruction methods with our cosmetic surgeon .

Your reconstruction method will depend on several criteria such as: the extent of the cancer surgery; additional treatments (radiotherapy, etc.); body constitution; your choices and your expectations ...

Regardless of the method chosen, breast reconstruction usually requires two or three procedures, with an interval of 3 to 6 months between each of them.

Each cancer is specific and requires appropriate reconstruction (immediate or delayed, by implant or by flap). During the consultation and after examining you, the surgeon will explain the technique (s) best suited to your situation. You are always offered time for reflection in order to familiarize yourself with the options offered. We will also leave you the reflection concerning our prices.