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Breast Implants Geneva

Discover our different types of Geneva breast implants!

Our aesthetic center in Geneva only works with latest generation breast implants allowing you to give your breasts a nice shape.

The cohesive silicone gel makes it possible to obtain breast implants much more resistant, more consistent which offers much more safety. There is no risk of the filling leaking.

The different types of Geneva breast implants:

Breast implants have different models varying according to the filling, the shape, the size, the surface and of course the quality. The Dr Elie-Hassan exclusively uses implants of great qualities, moreover by means of appointments, he will explain to you the various solutions concerning our possibilities of breast implants.

Geneva breast implants are composed of an envelope made of a silicone elastomer and a filler made of cohesive silicone gel.

Both round and oval breast implants exist, the surface can be smooth or textured, in all cases our Geneva breast implants are 100% safe, tested and medically approved.

We express the size of breast implants in CC, or in grams. Dimensions are also very important.

What profile for your Geneva breast implants?

The size of the breast implant should match your body type. Only exceptions exist, large sizes can also be considered.

Size is certainly important, but the shape or profile of the Geneva breast implant must also be taken into consideration.

The profile of the Geneva breast implant will be decisive because it determines the upper filling of your breast and thus influence the way your breasts appear in certain clothes you wear.

Thus, for the same volume, three different profiles can be offered for your breast implants:

  • a low profile is wide, flat, and will give minimal projection,
  • a moderate profile is narrower and will give a larger projection, resulting in a fuller bust. This is a good option for women who are thin
  • a high profile has a ball shape. It will give more volume in the upper part of the chest

Replacement of breast implants or prostheses:

Clients often have questions about replacing Geneva breast implants.

Thanks to our quality breast prostheses, you have a 10-year guarantee. An ultrasound is done to check the condition of the breast implants as well as their quality.

The replacement of these implants is done for a price equivalent to 600 EUR or 560.4 CHF, plus the price of a breast augmentation. In addition, this operation is more complicated than a classic breast augmentation.

Formation of a shell due to a foreign body:

Geneva breast implants imitate the breasts giving a very natural look. However, the body may view the implant as a foreign body and form a shell around the prosthesis.

The use of our high quality implants limits the risk of shell formation.

Conclusion on Geneva breast implants

Dr Elie-Hassan perfectly masters Geneva breast implants and will advise you through appointments.