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Breast Augmentation

Augmentation by breast prosthesis in our aesthetic center in Geneva

Do you have a complex? Want a breast change? Thanks to our answers to the 10 most common questions, you will adopt this desire within our center.

The Geneva aesthetic center offers various services concerning breast prostheses in order to increase your cup but also reconstruction. Our main objective is the satisfaction and well-being of our customers after our operation.

In this article, you will find the professional answers of a surgeon operating in the Center Esthétique de Genève , concerning the breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is performed by the cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hassan , in the Geneva Cosmetic Surgery which is reliable and safe. We are aware of the importance of a woman's breast in her everyday life, which is why your visit to our establishment will allow you to be delighted, and to highlight this new breast. .

This one will give you all the confidence and serenity that a woman deserves. Breast augmentation surgery involves the implantation of breast prostheses to increase the volume of your breasts.

We therefore invite you to discover our results, as well as our prices at our Esthetic Center in Geneva.

In addition, we have two types of breast implants which can be silicone or physiological serum (saline solution). < / p>

We have selected for you the recurring questions / answers that exist around breast augmentation.

Should breast augmentation be done with serum or silicone breast implants?

It doesn't matter. We can do a breast augmentation with silicone breast implants or physiological saline. The difference is that silicone breast implants have a more natural feel. But they require more special monitoring. Regarding serum prostheses, the risk is that they will deflate.

Will the scar be visible?

We can use 4 scars determined by their discretion. The possible breast implant scar for breast implant placement is:

    • Peri-areolar , located at the areola level, this is the case that we choose most often.
    • Axillary , under the arm, with breast prostheses under the muscle.
    • Submammary , at the level of the crease, this is very rarely used by our services, we only use it for a large volume of breast prostheses.
    • Peri-nipple , (or micro-scar): This is used for physiological saline.

Is the breast implant located in front of or behind the muscle for breast augmentation?

We can choose to do it in front of or behind the muscle. If you have enough mammary glands, the breast prostheses will be put in front of the muscle. If you have an axillary scar, or if you have virtually no mammary gland, you will be placed with the breast implant behind the muscle.

If I am considering pregnancy, can I achieve it? If so, could my child be breastfeeding? Is there an increased risk for breast cancer?

First of all, it is safe for you to have a pregnancy, either for you or for your child. However, it is recommended to wait at least six months after implantation. In most cases, your child can also be breastfed if you wish, it will not be dangerous. Finally, we can say that the implantation of breast prostheses does not increase the risk of getting breast cancer.

How long does the breast augmentation operation take?

We will take about an hour on average to complete this operation.

How long should I stay there for a Breast Augmentation?

For a breast augmentation, the stay is on an outpatient basis (you go in in the morning, and you go out in the evening) or at most you will sleep one night in our establishment.

Is the operation painful?

The breast augmentation operation is under general anesthesia, which means that you will not feel anything during the operation. Then, everything will depend on the position of the breast implant:

    • If it is behind the muscle , the breast implantation will be a little more painful, which is why we will prescribe a little stronger pain relievers.
    • If it is in front of the muscle, you will hardly feel any pain.

How long will my breast implants last? Should I have a breast implant every 10 years?

We can implant you in certain cases, prostheses for life which do not require change. If there is a leak or the body reacts to the breast implant, we will change your breast implants to you. In addition, breast implants have an average lifespan of 10 years.

Can we do breast augmentation without surgery?

Today, this method is not possible because the use of hyaluronic acid (macrolane) in breast augmentation has been banned by decree. This technique was very expensive because we had to renew it once a year and the cost was almost the same as that of a breast augmentation with an implant.

Is breast implantation covered by social security?

Cosmetic surgery procedures are not covered by social security, more breast implant changes (leakage, shell) are not covered and give rise to a new estimate.

Despite everything, in rare cases of congenital breast malformations (tuberous breasts, arnasty, etc.), partial management is possible.

In conclusion:

Our Breast Augmentation service gives very good and even excellent results in the majority of cases. Clients derive functional, aesthetic and psychological benefits from this. Despite everything, this type of surgery presents a risk which is very low due to our professionalism and our rigor on all points of the operation whether they are prior, during or postoperative.