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Botox Geneva


Botox blocks (or attenuates, for a natural result) the action of the muscles. It is ideal for reducing expression lines (frown lines, crow's feet).

Nerves make and carry a chemical (acetylcholine) that allows muscle to contract. Botulinum toxin (Botox geneva) prevents the spread of acetylcholine and therefore blocks muscle contraction. The muscle weakened and relaxed by "botox" no longer contracts, thus stopping the development of expression lines.

Clostridium botulinum toxin type A blocks the peripheral release of acetylcholine at nerve endings by cleavage of SNAP-25, a protein necessary for the anchoring and release of acetylcholine from the vesicles located within the nerve endings.

After injection, a rapid, high-affinity initial binding occurs between the toxin and cell surface receptors. This is followed by the transfer of the toxin across the cell membrane. Finally, the toxin is released into the cell. This process is accompanied by a gradual decrease in the release of acetylcholine . Clinical signs are evident within 2 to 3 days, with maximum effect seen 5 to 6 weeks after injection.

After intramuscular injection, nerve impulse transmission is restored to normal within within 12 weeks after injection, when the nerve endings grow back and connect with the motor plates.

Its use in dermatology to correct expression lines began in the 1990s. Botox is now recognized as an effective and safe treatment for expression lines (frown lines, crow's feet lines) and excess sweating or hyperhidrosis.

We can inject botox into the forehead:

It is particularly effective for removing forehead wrinkles and correct sagging from the top of the face.

As part of rejuvenation of the forehead, the injection of Botox makes it possible to treat wrinkles linked to the action of the frontal muscle (wrinkles horizontal) and glabellar muscles (vertical lines, commonly known as "frown lines") and so remove them.

Instead of a Botox injection, a brow lift will be more suitable for patients who present with sagging skin on the forehead (ptosis) and an injection of filler ( hyaluronic acid) will be more effective in treating fine lines that cause deep lines on the skin.

The Geneva Botox treatment lasts 5 minutes and is almost painless .

In the absence of any undesirable effects at the end of the first treatment session, it is possible to implement a repetitive treatment, insofar as a delay of 'at least 3 months is respected between the two sessions.

. No anesthesia is required, Dr Elie-Hassan uses extremely fine needles.

Slight redness or swelling may appear for a few minutes, rarely more than half an hour in the treated areas. Resumption of daily activities is possible immediately after the operation without any excessive physical exertion.

The injection result is visible between the 3rd and the 5th day, the full result after 2 to 3 weeks.

As with any act of aesthetic medicine, the result is not final. Other injections are necessary to maintain wrinkle removal:

  • The first year, the result of an injection lasts 3 to 5 months (3 injections in the year to maximum)
  • The second year, the result is maintained for about 6 months (2 injections in the year on average)
  • From the third year, one or two annual maintenance injections allow you to maintain the results obtained.

However, plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery is the only medical specialty in France which provides all possible aesthetic medical and surgical treatments. Our plastic surgeon will then be better able to help you offer a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic approach .

The knowledge of the anatomy of the face acquired during his training as well as the experience acquired as part of his interventions allow him a three-dimensional mastery of the face. This way, he knows exactly which part of the face to give Botox injections according to the patient's wishes and anatomy.

As a cosmetic surgeon, he will be able to explain and offer patients treatment alternatives to botulinum toxin injection. During the consultation, he will be able to advise the wrinkle removal treatment best suited to a patient's anatomy:

  • Different types of facelifts, which consist of "lifting" sagging wrinkles.
  • Laser, peel or dermabrasion to "smooth" wrinkles.
  • Lipostructure which consists of filling the volumes with fat.
  • Use of a filler such as hyaluronic acid
  • Botox injection (botulinum toxin) to remove scars

Insofar as each procedure has its advantages and disadvantages, our cosmetic surgeon will be able to offer an answer to your wishes by optimizing the benefit / risk ratio.

Conclusion on the Geneva Botox part

Our surgeon will explain the details of the procedure to you during an appointment before the injection. In addition, he will ensure postoperative follow-up to optimize the result. We let you discover our price range.